chatninjas_leimer-02The Leicester Mercury has run a full double page article all about the Chat Ninjas, and how they could help your business. 

Gemma Peplow from the Leicester Mercury, A major local newspaper, has interviewed our founder Inzar Haq for an article in their innovation section. Advocating the virtues of the Chat Ninjas and detailing why online chat has become essential for any business, they also provide exclusive behind the scenes footage of our Ninja’s at work.

Gemma goes into detail about the vital statistics all business owners with a website should be aware of. Such as how websites only have a few seconds to answer a customers question before they’ll move to a competitors website, or how web chat customer service can lead to 64 per cent more conversions to sales. 

She also looks further in to the background of Chat Ninjas, during the interview Inzar talks about the genesis of the Chat Ninjas idea, and how an outsourced company can provide an effective and efficient service, using detailed, living knowledge bases to hone our chat skills. 

From the Chat Ninjas Academy at the Innovation Centre in Leicester, Inzar talks about his plans for the future, with the aim of turning the service from a Monday to Fridayoperation to a full 24/7 service at some point in the New Year.

There is also an extra mention of or new sister service, the Social Ninja’s. Helping you to drive business to your website using your social media, and our social media skills. 

For a free trial of our services, you can sign up quickly and easily today the installation only takes a few moments and there is no obligation to continue once the trial has ended.

See for yourselves if we live up to the glowing praise, you can read the full article here. Contact us, give us a call or follow us on social media today.

Chat Ninjas, your secret to chat success.