who are the chat ninjas?


We can’t reveal our true identities, but we
can tell you a little about ourselves.

A short history of chat ninjas

Chat Ninjas was set up by a small team of experienced business owners. We understood the power of online leads, and wanted to help other businesses harness that power to convert leads into sales. The ability to hold a conversation with a customer, regardless of that customer’s location, and without putting extra strain on business capacity, presented an invaluable opportunity. So we went to work. A short time later, Chat Ninjas was born, and
we’ve been providing web chat services from the academy here in Leicester ever since.

Why we’re here
When you have a question or problem, you just want to talk to someone, and customers are just the same. With Chat Ninjas, your online visitors get lightning-fast answers to their urgent questions in real time. It’s the perfect solution for businesses looking to grow an online customer base without overstretching existing resources.

What sets us apart

We operate from our academy in Leicester, UK between 9am-8pm, Monday to Friday, all year round. For just £1/hour/operator, highly trained ninjas can take care of all your visitors’ questions in real time, take messages out of hours, and even arrange appointments. The service is customised to your branding, integrating with your existing website with trademark ninja discretion. It’s a quick, efficient and effective way to maximise your potential online.

How we make a difference

Research has shown that a website only has a few seconds to provide a visitor with what they’re looking for before they give up and move on. Our ninjas immediately engage with visitors, and ensure they stick around long enough to become a possible customer worth pursuing.

Ninja values – on our honour

  • Hands on, not hard sell – We improve the chances of a visitor becoming a customer by engaging them in conversation, giving them the answers they need, and leaving them with a positive experience of your website and your brand.
  • True value is shared value – We generate real value for money in the academy and pass it straight on to you, our customers. We’re always improving our service and making sure our clients’ businesses feel the benefit. We look forward to adding real value for your business.
  • Our ninjas at your service– Our goal is to be invisible to everyone but you: a seamless extension of your sales team. We understand the challenges faced by businesses great and small, and we’re here to help.

Call a ChatNinja today: 0116 207 8946